Thursday, May 17, 2012

Outlining My 90 Day Challenge

So I thought that I knew the direction that I wanted this blog to take in the past but I didn't.  Today I know what I want and how I want it to go.  My 90 day challenge is going to begin on Saturday.  I have some major goals for myself and hope that I do not end up failing them.  I know that you all are out there reading about it so you can help me by supporting me and encouraging me along the way.  Like you all, when you struggle with something you need others, and since this is such a struggle for me I know that I am going to need you. 

I will be posting a ton of information on day 1 and then throughout the 90 days.  I will be showing my weight, pictures in a bikini, recipes that help me to stay on track, discussions on exercise and fitness, my measurements (neck, shoulder, arm, forearm, chest, lower chest, upper abdomen, mid abdomen, lower abdomen, upper hips, mid hips, lower hips, thigh, and calf), and some different information about the product itself.  I'd love it if you were all joining me on the 90 day challenge and my journey to my fitness goals and weight loss.

I am going to be doing the Body by Visalus shakes and if you are interested you should check with Jeremiah Baughman and see if he can help you with finding everything that you need to start your own 90 day challenge.  Aside form Body by Vi I am going to try and work out more, this mainly means that I am going to be attempting to make sure that I use the Wii Fit each day or do something else equally as active.  Since it is offically summer vacation and break I am so excited about some of the acitivities that I will be involved in.  I am going to have hiking Wednesdays with my kids and will be going on plenty of playdates as well which should keep me active.  :) 

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