Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Day 4 of 90

Well I'm excited to see if my measurements have changed at all. I feel like my belly is less poofy & I feel much less bloated. I've given up soda and while hard I just keep pushing water & it's getting easier.

I'm hoping more for inches lost than weight lost! We all know that's what counts anyways because I just want to wear my skinny jeans & look good in them. Another big yay for today has been the exercises that I did. I did 50 modified push ups, 50 lunges each leg, 50 squats, 250 crunches, & 50 chair dips. That's right five easy moves! It doesn't take that long & it feels good to know I'm going to be more toned. I did them in a circuit...push ups, squats, crunches, chair dips, & lunges. What is your favorite easy work out especially if you have little ones. I did 10 of each move in 5 circuits of all of the moves except the crunches & I did 50 of them!

So here are the measurements

Neck-14 1/4
Bicep-13 1/2
Chest- 44
Just below chest-37
Upper tummy-40 1/2
Mid tummy-43 1/2
Lower tummy-47
Upper hips-48
Mid hips-49 3/4
Lower hips-49 1/2
Thigh-26 1/2
Calf-16 1/4

I've lost 7 1/2 inches total! That's amazing to me in 4 days!!!

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