Monday, April 30, 2012

Getting Back on Track

Why must dieting be so hard?? 
I weighed in and am down to 216.5 lbs!!  I am considering this a good thing since I have not gained back anything that I have lost.  I had one of the most stressful weeks of my life so I went out drinking and eating (unfortunately lots of friend not so good for me foods, thank you Kelleher's) only to wake up feeling super guilty.

I did get up and worked out for 15 minutes on the Body by Jillian Challenge from 2009!  It was awesome!  I was hoping to get the 1/2 hour workout in but Miss A had other plans for her mommy.  I did get the first 15 minutes in so that was at least something to get my heart rate up, get me up and moving. 

I drank a vanilla shake for breakfast, just adding in some vanilla extract and it was super yummy.  I then had a mac and cheese with crab bowl that I found at the grocery store (420 cal) so not bad for mac and cheese and who doesn't love real crab meat!  It was actually really good but definitely something that I will not be eating all of the time.  For supper I had two very small pieces of pizza from a Digiorno stuffed crust four cheese pizza.  I'd say that I ate about 1/5 of the pizza.  I did not really snack today, tasteing some cupcake batter as I was making Oreo cupcakes for my son and sampling the homemade Oreo buttercream to make sure that it was good too (and boy was it delicious!) but other than eating two Oreo cookies as a dessert after lunch there was no other snacking or eating. 

Best of all, no soda!!  I am trying so hard but I fail at this one multiple times per week.  If anyone has a for sure way to beat the soda blues, please please share with me.

If you are intersted in signing up on the 90 day Body by Vi challenge I'd love to hear from you.

Just let my good friend Jeremiah know that you are signing up after reading this blog by emailing him at  He can help you get started on your own plan that is going to work best for you!  :) 

I am going to be much stricter and hitting it harder in the future.  :)

Please let me know if you are signing up so that I can make sure that we are working together.  I'd love to have a weekly check in on here from everyone!  It'd be so much fun to see everyone's results.  :)

Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekend Crazyness

The weekends are always so busy!!!

The shakes just keep getting better as I have new ideas. I love Body By Vi. I'm posting new bikini pics in a bit & I'm hoping that you can see some changes in the ten days. I'm also weighing again as I've really been trying.

Just wanted to check in & let you know I'm working super hard!!

Friday, April 20, 2012

4/20 Diet

Breakfast PB & coffee shake

Snack protein bar 170 cal

Lunch--Thai...a few crab ragoons & spring rolls (bad!) spicy basil chicken (not so bad!)


Thursday, April 19, 2012

4/19 Calorie Counter...1500 cal


Right now I'm enjoying my 225 calorie peanut butter shake...a personal favorite. To enjoy your own you just need 12 oz almond milk (90 cal.), 2 scoops Body by Vi (90 cal), & 2 Tbs PB2 (45 cal). It's delicious & tastes kind of like a PB milkshake!

Delicious 65 cal fruit dip...mix 1 Tbs PB2, 1 oz fat free cream cheese, 1 packet Stevia, & 1 Tbs fat free 1/2 & 1/2
An apple (it's a small gala) 35 cal
Body by Vi shake...12 oz almond milk & 2 scoops Body by Vi a small splash of vanilla extract

White cheddar pop chips 130 cal

Gatorade 50 cal (G2 packet in 20 oz of water)

2 portabella cabs in marinade 165 cal
Yummy Rice 170 cal
Gatorade 50 cal
Green Beans 30 cal

Day #7 Thoughts

Today is a new day! I'm excited to see what the day is going to bring.

I am so sorry to all of you that I have taken a few days off because I have not felt well. I did find the best PB shake recipe and it is amazingly delicious, honeslty one of my favorites. I also found a great cheesecake combination and a great rich chocolate version, as well as an awesome chocolate mocha.

So my PB shake is just 2 Tbs of PB2, almond milk, and Body by Vi.
For a chocolate shake that is amazingly rich and delicious try 2 1/2 Tbs of dark cocoa powder and 2 scoops Body by Vi with your almond milk.
Cheesecake deliciousness can be found with 2 oz of fat free cream cheese, almond milk and Body by Vi.
Finally I love a nice dark chocolate mocha in all of it's rich bitterness and the best version for my taste preference has been with 2 packets of instant coffee, 2 scoops Body by Vi, and 2 Tbs dark cocoa powder.

I kind of wanted to play around or experiment a bit anyways to see how much of a difference a full change of diet (in my case I am shooting for 1200 calories or less starting today) and an actual exercise routine (this week I have five days of working out planned) will make in comparison with a week of kind of slacking off and doing whatever I wanted while still drinking the shake. In exchange for my new diet plan I will have one cheat day where I do not count calories. I am going to be updating you guys with that cheat day as well so you can see how "bad" I cheated.

Because of a lot of issues of business and other things I just could not focus on being able to count my calories this week. It was going to be too much for me and I found it overwhelming to even try when we had to eat out so much. However now I am really ready and I plan on kicking it in the butt this week, working hard to completely change everything. So my goals for diet are going to be calculated and today you will start seeing posts with what I am eating and the actual calorie count.

If you are wondering in six days of doing it my own way, eating out (even cotton candy at the Circus with my litlte ones), and not paying attention to anything in my diet I lost 5 lbs! I also only got one "real" workout in and it was a short one. So I'm actually shocked at how well I did. 5 lbs down and a whole lot more to go but now that I am trying the "real" diet I am excited to see how much I lose.

I guess in some aspects I didin't want to start out with the "real" hard diet becuase I wanted readers to be able to see if Body by Vi could work for them if they really didn't change much. From my experience the answer is definitely yes. However now I have got to go start kicking the diet in the butt and making sure that my changes are a lot more calculated and planned.

I am so ready to share with you the results and excited to see what the next 7 days will bring.

If you want to start Body by Vi for yourself and I strongly suggest that you do then you need to check out

Monday-Wednesday Update and Diary (Day 4-6)

Hey Folks...things are going great. Sorry for the late posts but I have just not been feeling good. I think that it is a combination of the dietary changes and the problems that I have been having with the flu going around. I had this and I think that it just hasn't fully worked itself from my system. My biggest reason for this is that I have been throwing up some when I work out. I don't get sick if I don't do anything too physically exerting and this is just not normal for me. Oh well I know that I am s till losing some and my diet has been going through a lot of changes as well.

So I know that this first week on Body by Vi has kind of felt like a collossal failure on my part so I am pretty interesting to see how things go on Friday when we have lost our weight.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday Menu

Frozen Mocha
2 scoops Body by Vi, 12 oz almond milk, 1 1/2 Tbs dark cocoa powder, 1 packet instant coffee (in the future use two), ice
2 cookies
2 chicken tacos (big improvement over my typical chicken quesadilla), 2 grilled fish tacos (big improvement over fried) & some chips & salsa (no cheese sauce)
PB cup shake
Cupcake (Easter leftover & I had yet to try one)

Sunday Funday

Whew! That was a busy two days that passed by much too fast!!

The headache hell of Saturday wiped me out!! Then on Sunday, well let's see slept in (I know amazing!!), went to church, shopped, lunch out, switched kids with my parents (spending the night with grandma & grandpa), took a nap (yep, still not feeling the greatest...Shane is awesome), spent time with the fam (minus Allie as she's at grandma & grandpa's) .all in all a great day!

I've quit taking my ADHD meds with Body by Vi & have had a dramatic improvement in my focus & clarity! It's amazing!! My mood also seems uplifted.

I have felt tired but I think I've been sick & then while the meds are working out of my body!

You should really check out the 90 day challenge for yourself

You owe it to yourself to do this!!

Saturday Workout

None...headache!!! :(

Saturday Food Log

Body by Vi shake...made with 8 oz almond milk, 2 scoops Body by Vi, 1 oz fat free cream cheese, 1 Tbs dark cocoa powder
Body by Vi shake made with 2 scoops Body by Vi, 2 Tbs PB2, 1 Tbs dark cocoa powder & 12 oz almond milk
M&Ms (so glad I got healthy treats this, my willpower when my three year old wants to "share" is not very good)
Mushroom tacos

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Updates Coming Tomorrow

I just wanted to let you know I'm suffering from a migraine so today's posts will be updated tomorrow! Thanks!

Chocolate Cheesecake For Breakfast, Thank You I will!

You read that right! I'm drinking a shake that tastes like chocolate cake & it's amazing!

2 scoops Body by Vi
1 oz fat free cream cheese
1 Tbs dark cocoa powder
8 oz almond milk!

It's delicious!!

Join the challenge
And make yourself one of these amazing shakes.

Best of all it's so affordable. At around $1.50 per shake its comparable to nearly every diet shake out and far more affordable than the competition! You really can't afford not to take advantage of this!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Exercise Log

20 mins cardio

Food Journal 4/13/2012

Shake--2 scoops Body by Vi, 1 Tbs dark cocoa powder, 2 scoops PB2, ice & 8 oz almond milk

24 pistachios

Turkey wrap, salad, & green beans

A few m&ms (bad! I know)
A spoonful of Nutella

Stuffed shells

Goal for tomorrow--2 shakes per day!!! All healthy...keep thinking 224!!!

First Weight Check In

224 lbs!! OMG!!! I'm so fat!!! I can't believe that I weigh so much but what can I say except I did just have my fourth baby 3 mos ago. Oh well, good bye 224 I will NEVER be seeing you again!

Introducing: Me!!

So I guess this might have been a more appropriate first post but let's face it, I wanted to post something different!

I'm 29 & will be turning 30 on July 25th. I want to spend my 30s looking hot! :)

I have four children, they're all gorgeous & each have their own unique personality & traits!

Andrew is 8, Althea is 3, Huxley is 2, and Adeline is just 4 months old. I love being a mom more than I've ever loved anything but having those gorgeous babies sure did take its you'll on my body.

Oh, by the way...I love food!! Yep, that's right I love food! I'm going to be sharing recipes & my food tips that help me reach my goal! I'm ready to get started & blast my weight into the past. Come join me on my journey & let's think about a challenge.

If there are enough of you to follow me & sign up for the plan then I will help you all with your motivation & I will work to put together an awesome prize package for the big winner of the challenge!

Check out

Body by Vi Challenge Day 1

Today is day 1 of my Body by Vi challenge and yes I actually took a picture in a bikini and honestly the disgusting results, while still disgusting are far less disgusting than I was expecting. :) I am still ashamed that this is what I look like in my swimsuit but I actually feel hope that by my 30th birthday I will be able to wear this one with pride. I am starting today and I am going to chronicle the highs and lows of my diet with you. I am challenging you all to join me in the Body by Vi 90 day challenge. Just visit

So I thought I'd share what you can expect from me in this blog. Let me know if there's more you'd like to see!

1. Weekly bikini photo my house Friday is D-day!
2. Weekly stat postings on Friday (this is coming later after I get to the gym to weigh on their scale today!)...this will include weight & measurements
3. A daily journal featuring how I feel & chronicling the struggles of a mom of four who is trying to lose weight & get back in shape
4. A daily food journal
5. A daily exercise log

Now, I'm going to sit down & enjoy my first Body by Vi's a pb cup! 8 oz almond milk, 2 scoops body by Vi, 1 Tbs Hershey's Special Dark Cocoa Powder (just 5 calories!) & 2 Tbs PB2 (just 45 calories)...cheers!