Friday, April 13, 2012

Introducing: Me!!

So I guess this might have been a more appropriate first post but let's face it, I wanted to post something different!

I'm 29 & will be turning 30 on July 25th. I want to spend my 30s looking hot! :)

I have four children, they're all gorgeous & each have their own unique personality & traits!

Andrew is 8, Althea is 3, Huxley is 2, and Adeline is just 4 months old. I love being a mom more than I've ever loved anything but having those gorgeous babies sure did take its you'll on my body.

Oh, by the way...I love food!! Yep, that's right I love food! I'm going to be sharing recipes & my food tips that help me reach my goal! I'm ready to get started & blast my weight into the past. Come join me on my journey & let's think about a challenge.

If there are enough of you to follow me & sign up for the plan then I will help you all with your motivation & I will work to put together an awesome prize package for the big winner of the challenge!

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