Thursday, April 19, 2012

Monday-Wednesday Update and Diary (Day 4-6)

Hey Folks...things are going great. Sorry for the late posts but I have just not been feeling good. I think that it is a combination of the dietary changes and the problems that I have been having with the flu going around. I had this and I think that it just hasn't fully worked itself from my system. My biggest reason for this is that I have been throwing up some when I work out. I don't get sick if I don't do anything too physically exerting and this is just not normal for me. Oh well I know that I am s till losing some and my diet has been going through a lot of changes as well.

So I know that this first week on Body by Vi has kind of felt like a collossal failure on my part so I am pretty interesting to see how things go on Friday when we have lost our weight.

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