Thursday, April 19, 2012

Day #7 Thoughts

Today is a new day! I'm excited to see what the day is going to bring.

I am so sorry to all of you that I have taken a few days off because I have not felt well. I did find the best PB shake recipe and it is amazingly delicious, honeslty one of my favorites. I also found a great cheesecake combination and a great rich chocolate version, as well as an awesome chocolate mocha.

So my PB shake is just 2 Tbs of PB2, almond milk, and Body by Vi.
For a chocolate shake that is amazingly rich and delicious try 2 1/2 Tbs of dark cocoa powder and 2 scoops Body by Vi with your almond milk.
Cheesecake deliciousness can be found with 2 oz of fat free cream cheese, almond milk and Body by Vi.
Finally I love a nice dark chocolate mocha in all of it's rich bitterness and the best version for my taste preference has been with 2 packets of instant coffee, 2 scoops Body by Vi, and 2 Tbs dark cocoa powder.

I kind of wanted to play around or experiment a bit anyways to see how much of a difference a full change of diet (in my case I am shooting for 1200 calories or less starting today) and an actual exercise routine (this week I have five days of working out planned) will make in comparison with a week of kind of slacking off and doing whatever I wanted while still drinking the shake. In exchange for my new diet plan I will have one cheat day where I do not count calories. I am going to be updating you guys with that cheat day as well so you can see how "bad" I cheated.

Because of a lot of issues of business and other things I just could not focus on being able to count my calories this week. It was going to be too much for me and I found it overwhelming to even try when we had to eat out so much. However now I am really ready and I plan on kicking it in the butt this week, working hard to completely change everything. So my goals for diet are going to be calculated and today you will start seeing posts with what I am eating and the actual calorie count.

If you are wondering in six days of doing it my own way, eating out (even cotton candy at the Circus with my litlte ones), and not paying attention to anything in my diet I lost 5 lbs! I also only got one "real" workout in and it was a short one. So I'm actually shocked at how well I did. 5 lbs down and a whole lot more to go but now that I am trying the "real" diet I am excited to see how much I lose.

I guess in some aspects I didin't want to start out with the "real" hard diet becuase I wanted readers to be able to see if Body by Vi could work for them if they really didn't change much. From my experience the answer is definitely yes. However now I have got to go start kicking the diet in the butt and making sure that my changes are a lot more calculated and planned.

I am so ready to share with you the results and excited to see what the next 7 days will bring.

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