Monday, April 30, 2012

Getting Back on Track

Why must dieting be so hard?? 
I weighed in and am down to 216.5 lbs!!  I am considering this a good thing since I have not gained back anything that I have lost.  I had one of the most stressful weeks of my life so I went out drinking and eating (unfortunately lots of friend not so good for me foods, thank you Kelleher's) only to wake up feeling super guilty.

I did get up and worked out for 15 minutes on the Body by Jillian Challenge from 2009!  It was awesome!  I was hoping to get the 1/2 hour workout in but Miss A had other plans for her mommy.  I did get the first 15 minutes in so that was at least something to get my heart rate up, get me up and moving. 

I drank a vanilla shake for breakfast, just adding in some vanilla extract and it was super yummy.  I then had a mac and cheese with crab bowl that I found at the grocery store (420 cal) so not bad for mac and cheese and who doesn't love real crab meat!  It was actually really good but definitely something that I will not be eating all of the time.  For supper I had two very small pieces of pizza from a Digiorno stuffed crust four cheese pizza.  I'd say that I ate about 1/5 of the pizza.  I did not really snack today, tasteing some cupcake batter as I was making Oreo cupcakes for my son and sampling the homemade Oreo buttercream to make sure that it was good too (and boy was it delicious!) but other than eating two Oreo cookies as a dessert after lunch there was no other snacking or eating. 

Best of all, no soda!!  I am trying so hard but I fail at this one multiple times per week.  If anyone has a for sure way to beat the soda blues, please please share with me.

If you are intersted in signing up on the 90 day Body by Vi challenge I'd love to hear from you.

Just let my good friend Jeremiah know that you are signing up after reading this blog by emailing him at  He can help you get started on your own plan that is going to work best for you!  :) 

I am going to be much stricter and hitting it harder in the future.  :)

Please let me know if you are signing up so that I can make sure that we are working together.  I'd love to have a weekly check in on here from everyone!  It'd be so much fun to see everyone's results.  :)

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